Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eloisa Cartonera y Radio La Colifata

hey everyone,

i'm in buenos aires and just wanted to share two awesome projects that i read about in the BsAs TimeOut for Visitors. it's always exciting and inspiring to hear about all the creative projects that people are using to bring positive change around the world!

the first is Eloisa Cartonera, an innovative publishing company uniting cartoneros, who sift through garbage for recyclables, with well respected South American authors.
i couldn't find a link to the TimeOut article, but here are two that explain it better than i could. check it out:

the second is Radio La Colifata (Crazy Radio in BsAs slang), the first radio show to broadcast live from a psychiatric hospital, started by Alfredo Olivera in 1990. the article was about how manu chao loves and supports the project, and collaborated with them on a cd, and apparantly there's a documentary in the works. here's a bbc article:
and their website:


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Courtney Beirne said...

I'm totally intrigued; I'm definitely going to look your suggestions up!