Saturday, January 10, 2009

Suze Orman

As a recent graduate looking at a new year ahead of me, I have been trying to put together the pieces that will build a healthy financial future. Trying to figure out all the pension, deferred compensation, loan repayment options, savings, and a regular budget has been a tad overwhelming thus far.

I was really excited to get notice from a friend that Suze Orman's latest book is available for FREE in a pdf file. I think it is only for a limited time, so save a copy for later if you can't get to it now.
I am hoping reading it and taking the actions she outlines will bring me some clarity and confidence!

Here is the link:


Friday, January 9, 2009

Nonprofit finance workshop

Non-profit professionals often find themselves at the precarious juncture of following their passion and being financially stable. It is especially important in these economic times when the financial markets are uncertain. Please, join YNPN-NYC for a panel discussion entitled:

How to live on a non-profit salary: The In's and Out's of Personal Finance for the Non-Profit Professional

This panel will cover personal finance issues such as:
Dealing with Debt
Student Loan
Consolidation & Management
Personal Budgeting
Federal Legislation on Non-profit Loan Forgiveness
Tips for managing a non-profit professional budget in NYC: From rent to non-profit professional deals

This event details are as follows:
Date: January 22nd
Time: 6 - 8 PM
Location: The Support Center for Nonprofit Management (305 Seventh Avenue, 11th Floor (@ 27th Street))

We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd!

The YNPN-NYC Professional Development Committee

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Job posting

Hi everyone!

I have just received a job postings for the SUNY-Research Foundation. Here are some details and if you want more just email me:

TITLE: ATTAIN Instructional Technology Coordinator

OFFICE: Farragut Community Center ATTAIN Lab

LOCATION: Brooklyn, New York

SALARY: $40,000 - $42,000

FUNCTION & SCOPE: ATTAIN (Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking) is a Statewide technology initiative funded by New York State. ATTAIN’s goal is to provide urban and rural communities access to state-of-the-art technology. Through innovative technologies ATTAIN provides under-served and under-educated community residents academic, vocational, life skills and workplace readiness training.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hi Everyone,

I was thinking that it has been six months since I started my job and a little more since we've graduated (yikes!) and was trying to recall all the projects I've worked on and skills I've gained at work so far. I really couldn't remember much off the top of my head, which scared me;);) But when I started to think, a few things came to mind. So, I decided to create an ongoing doc where I could record all the things I've worked on/skills I've learned so far. I figure it will be good to refer back to if I ever want to look for a new job or need to describe what I do for professional purposes ('analyst' isn't the clearest job title). Also, it was kind-of a nice new years self-esteem boost because its easy to forget day to day that I've learned a ton since starting work.

Hope this is a helpful idea:)