Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Food Bank for New York City

Last weekend I was at the Last Supper Festival and met some representatives from the Food Bank for New York City. Apparently they have programs for school-aged children and seniors (and I asked about regular ole' adults and the person I spoke with said they work with everyone).

Anyway, I was told that they educate people on how to eat healthy and how to use their food stamps in the best way possible.

After exploring the website I also found that they offer free tax assistance too!

Here's a little more information about their "CookShop for Adults" educational program:

"CookShop for Adults focuses on two groups: adult food stamp recipients and seniors.

The CookShop for Adults food stamp recipient initiative provides monthly workshops that improve the ability of participants to prepare home-cooked, nutritious meals for themselves and their families. Program participants learn how to best find, store and cook fresh, in-season food as well as the benefits of a healthy diet based on whole, minimally processed food — with a special emphasis on locally grown produce."

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